Thursday, June 13, 2013

poem of the day 06.13.13

don’t bet on it

the people are outraged
because there are national scandals every week

the people are outraged
and are tossing out their cell phones in protest

unplugging from the internet
and building barricades with laptops and ipads

they’re storming the corporate headquarters
of apple and google and microsoft

the people are so outraged

they’re going to cuba to close gitmo
they’re having love-ins on youtube
they’re planting marijuana plants on the interstate

they’re liberating chinese workshops
burying all of the precious metals that
we’ve stripped from the soil

used to spy on us in our own homes
to have our phones conversations logged
our videos stored in utah bunkers

the people are outraged beyond belief
you can see it in their overworked eyes

and the president better watch it because he’s flipped sides
and congress better play nice or they’ll be gone too

because we’re composing new constitutions in the street
putting pen to paper under the red lights
of surveillance camera america

and there’s nothing that the government can do to stop us
nothing these tech giants can create to quell this momentum

because the people are so fucking outraged
that they’ve turned off their televisions
and are rioting in the streets

tearing down the strip malls
pouring starbucks coffee in the bay

chanting we shall overcome and give peace a chance
and all of that other stuff

shouting give me liberty or give me death
sitting in parks in the silence of the sun


you political motherfuckers
you lobbying grease backs
you bullyboys of the corporate elitist state

the people are outraged this time

more so than last time
than the time before that
and all of those other times they sat on their asses
and let you all treat them like whores
birthed only to feed your economy

the people are outraged
and your time is up

we’re so pissed off
that we’re marching on washington d.c.

like red-faced maniacs
with turds poking out of our chaffed assholes

and not a decent bathroom in sight

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