Monday, June 3, 2013

poem of the day 06.03.13

atheists do believe in the devil
                        --for father gabriele amorth

atheists do believe in the devil
i can assure you on that one, padre

they just don’t believe in your devil
the fire and brimstone one
the hot poker up the ass stuck in traffic for the rest of eternity

ours are a little bit more grounded
like the ones who murder by the thousands
calling for jihad after jihad after jihad

the swine in pin-striped suits who poison their people
to keep their stranglehold governments in tact

the ones who send robots planes into mountainous terrain
to kill kids in the name of freedom

the devil who dresses young boys in priestly vestments
and then fucks them in the ass behind closed doors

the devil who forces himself upon our sisters, mothers
girlfriends and wives

atheists do believe in the devil, you human shit-stain

only ours keep draining the land of resources
while denying that this climate is changing
then sit in political chambers denying aid for the damned
when the hurricanes and tornados, the flood waters strike

our devil lets the poor go hungry in order to build bombs
and capitalist shelters for the wealthy

they let our education systems die with less than a whimper

we believe in the devils putting chemicals in our plants
the ones that sell us sugar and fat as necessities
and then pump us full of medicine because we’ve grown too fat

our devils still don’t get it that everyone is equal
they try and keep love down in the name of their great god
fighting senseless crusades against their own kind
all the while seeking blow jobs from drifters in airport bathrooms

these devils, they won’t give the workers their rights
and work everyone to the bone so that they’d rather be dead
than on the picket line

they’ve bankrupted a generation with benevolent smiles
mortgage balloons and faulty credit systems

would rather save their pale idea of country than all of humankind

our devils are the ones blaming immigrants for the continental drift
they are the great satans fighting last ditch efforts
to keep the black from the white from the brown
from the red from the yellow

as their twisted empires seem poised to go down in flames

oh, atheists do believe in the devil
you can bank on that, you archaic ecclesiastical fuck

but they are no fallen angels

they are the flesh and blood demons that live right here
amongst us

the ones who should’ve been aborted
exorcised at birth

or cast away
to save us from all the atrocities that they’ve committed
through centuries of blood and dust

reckless hubris and greed
that have spread like hardened vein lines
across this scorched and barren earth.


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