Monday, June 24, 2013

poem of the day 06.24.13

employee of the year

they had us in a windowless room doing data entry

one of the supervisors was this young thing
and she had a great ass

she used to shake it up and down the aisle
asking us if we needed help

most of us were temps and had done little data entry
but we had quotas to meet on a weekly basis

the best was when someone
in the row in front of me needed help

she’d bend over to peer at their computer screen
practically shoving that wide and juicy ass in my face

of course, i wasn’t getting any data entry done
when she was like this

i’d watch her ass and then look around at the other men

but most of them were typing
like sweating novelists or playing computer games

it was like i was the only one alive in that place

one friday after work
hot ass pulled me aside and handed me my pink slip

she smiled sadly and told me
that i wasn’t pulling my weight with the data entry

then she walked away
with that tight ass packed into her jeans

and i went outside to the car
thinking they next place the temp agency sends me to work
better be full of old men
with fat bellies and flatulence problems

because i could win
the employee of the year award
in a place as horrible as that.                             

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