Wednesday, February 19, 2014

poem of the day 02.19.14

the new hitler

the young girl comes over to me
with the newspaper
she looks concerned
she puts the paper down so that i can see it
and says, what does this mean?
it’s an article with a picture
of the fat, baby-faced leader of north korea
under the heading the new hitler
usually this heading is coupled with a picture
of someone of middle eastern decent
or russian or african or a liberal politician
it’s nice to see the press branching out
in their declarations
still they like to anoint a new hitler
in the way the music folks liked to call someone
the new dylan
i’m sure this north korean kid has done his worst
since rising to power
killing his uncle
informing on his mother and brother
starving millions
committing tons of other deplorable acts
while his fat ass downs drink and food
and laughs with has-been basketball heroes
but to call someone a hitler….
it probably means he’s a bad artist, i tell her
the young girl looks at me
like she doesn’t understand
my guess is she doesn’t know
as many bad artists as i do
then we look back down at the paper
at the new hitler
looking over his feeble regime
a self-satisfied smirk on his face
lost in his own bubble
the world by the balls
the big, bad wolf of our day
until the next great villain comes along.


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