Friday, February 21, 2014

poem of the day 02.21.14


i often wonder why
there have to be so many of them

so many of us at times

idle people
full of idle chatter
filling up the hours until death
with pointless and mundane
unrewarding tasks

morons are we
are they

stalwart and shameless in their ignorance
reveling in our stupidity

a lot of them seem to go out of their way
to know as little to nothing at all

i’ve often thought of leaving america behind
and getting away from this sort

from myself

that isn’t to say
that imbecility is an american disease

although it sure seems like one

i’m sure there are morons
in spain
in germany

swimming in their foolishness in la belle france

yes, thousands of parisian natives
talking the kind of idiot talk
that passes one day into the next

only i don’t know their language

but sadly they sure as hell
know mine.                                                       

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