Wednesday, February 26, 2014

poem of the day 02.26.14

this is a "best of" poem...sort of.  wrote it in 2010 and then forgot it.  totally re-worked it.
hope you enjoy

everything in the coffee

we were immature
had nowhere to go in the city

we had nothing to do but drive around in cars
waiting on the night to end

driving around killing american hours
which was sometimes all there was to do

we went to a diner along mcknight road
in the northern suburbs

it was where everyone went

we drank coffee
and hoped that the high school girls
at the tables surrounding us were taking notice

notice of what?
we were immature and we knew it

we took it out on calvin

calvin liked his coffee more than anyone
he liked to sit in the diner drinking his coffee
looking at high school girls

the rest of us would put things in calvin’s coffee
when he left the table to take a piss

we would put salt in his coffee
pepper, ketchup, those little packets of jelly
whatever we could get our hands on

we mixed it up very well
then we waited on calvin to come back and take a sip

it was the same show every week

calvin would come back to the table
he’d take his coffee cup and take a good pull on it

his face would contort
he’d swirl the stuff around in his mouth
the coffee, the salt, pepper, ketchup, and jelly
then he would spit it back out and look
at the table of us in disgust

of course we’d laugh
it was funny to us because we had nothing else

calvin would curse and make a big deal
the girls at the tables around us would look and laugh too
because they had nothing else to amuse them
on a saturday night in america

the waitress would come over and give calvin
another cup of coffee

she would pray for us to leave a decent tip
she would pray for none of us to hit on her
she would pray that we left soon enough

good old calvin would guard his new cup of coffee with his life
he’d sit there hunched over the drink
as if guarding a rare jewel

we’d laugh at this too

calvin would laugh because he knew he was putting
on a show for all of us

he was putting on the greatest show
one where he was the star

the night wasn’t so lonesome and drawn out
we had something to talk about and it sustained us

at least for a little while.


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