Monday, April 6, 2015

poem of the day 04.06.15

ass walk

it was the first
beautiful day in months
and i was walking down 5th avenue
with brahms on my magic music machine
behind this woman with an amazing ass
thinking, well, i love my wife
and the spring and brahms
and women with wonderful backsides
she was moving too quickly for me to pass her
she was moving too slowly for me to fall back
so i had no choice but to walk in the spring sun
letting brooklyn and brahms
and her wonderful rear end
bathe me in the celestial light of a thursday morning

it didn’t even matter that i had to go to work

but coming in the other direction
was some shit with his pants down to his ankles
his hat on backwards and big headphones
attached to his thick skull
he was such a dull, common pound of flesh
manufactured in sweating bedrooms by the dozen
i could see him staring at the woman in front of me
he had that salivating look of entitlement on his face
when the three of us clashed
he leaned in and said something that made the woman flinch
but she kept going
when he passed her he turned and checked her out from behind
shouting, damn! over my brahms and the sound of car horns

we made eye contact and he pointed at the woman’s ass
he said, yo do you see that shit?
like she was some great catch in centerfield
or a super bowl touchdown

we brothers in arms

when he was gone i kept going for a couple of blocks
letting the woman get further and further ahead
until i grew sick of myself and the world anew
and turned down another, dirty city street.


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