Monday, April 20, 2015

poem of the day 04.20.15

emmylou harris

when i turned thirty
i told my wife
when i turn forty
i’m going to start a punk band
with some old warriors
with teenagers and kids in their twenties
we’ll be the fuckheads
last night she reminded me
that was eleven years ago
i told her time flies like time flies
plus kids in their teens and twenties
are dull substitutes for humanity
they know everything
and they know nothing
they always have their heads buried
in some device made in china
plus i always hated punk music
and i never learned how to play guitar
but would if i could now
i wouldn’t start a band
the idea of collaboration is so foreign to me
i’d just want a bunch of yes men around
to carry out my ideas
my each and every whim
or maybe i’d go it completely alone
record my old man jingles on a computer
give emmylou harris a call
and have her sing background for me
like she did for dylan and neil
and practically everyone else
old emmylou has to be pushing seventy now
but i’ll bet her voice is like a fine wine
more refined than
some twentysomethings
who’d spend their breaks in the recording sessions
smoking e-cigarettes and texting
looking up videos
of people cracking each other in the nuts
instead of coming outside
to get high behind the trash bins
with the rest of the fuckheads
in the band.

and here's an old marijuana poem for you, dipshit, wherever you are:

the reluctant pot head

we told calvin that
phillies blunt cigars
came pre-made with marijuana

just like all the rappers smoked

he didn’t bat an eye
when we bought a pack
and lit them in his car

as we drove around suburban pittsburgh
listening to a 2pac cd

and when calvin finished his cigar
and acted fucked up

we acted fucked up too

because no one had the heart to tell him
that you couldn’t buy pot
over the counter in america

besides he was a natural born citizen
and none of us thought he’d believe us anyway
about the cigars

but when calvin said that he was
coming down from his high

we all acted like we were coming down too

and later on when one of us said,
dude, would you like another smoke?

we all understood it when calvin said,

nah, i don’t want to become an addict
all in one night.



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