Monday, April 13, 2015

poem of the day 04.13.15

spring is here

and the asshole
across the street
is on his porch again
blasting talk radio
with that big dumb dog of his
who barks all day and night

spring is here!

the sitting garbage smells like banana peels
coffee grounds and rotten eggs
and the people are stopping
in front of my window
to scream at their loved ones on cell phones
or to smoke cigarettes
stop and watch a video on youtube

spring is here!

all of the beautiful children
are riding their big wheels and bikes
up and down the street
crying when they fall off their scooters
while their parents pacify them with hand-held video games
and bruised fruit in freezer bags
having inane conversations
about their jobs and the weather

spring is here!

teenage boys are bouncing basketballs
and talking about pussy
teenage girls are singing pop songs about love
wearing next to nothing
before the weather truly breaks
the man with the buzz saw
is letting her rip before noon

spring is here!

there is rap bass and club music
permeating from freshly washed cars
millionaires are hitting baseballs again
and the loud tinkle of the ice cream truck
parked for eons at the top of the block
is sucking my will to live

spring is here!
you dumb son-of-a-bitches!
you slap-happy capitalists!

open your windows
turn up your blinds

like the asshole across the street
turns up his radio to block out his barking dog
he ruffles his ny post and scratches his ass
farts into the echo of a sun-bleached street
as the joggers jog in stiff spandex
cursing their luck
whenever they step in the fresh piles of shit
that litter the sidewalk

smears of excrement
that’ll be here all spring
until the summer comes and it gets too hot
for anyone to want to step outside for anything

least of all
to walk their fucking dogs.


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