Thursday, May 14, 2015

poem of the day 05.14.15

dog mauling ii

just as sure as someone
once loved hitler
there are people out there
who love the pit bull
it’s probably not the man hitting it
with a broom handle
or the people gathered around it
smacking it with their fists
it’s most likely not the woman
screaming bloody murder
as the pit bull tosses her yorkie around
like a rag dog
or the people who have to walk by the beast
every morning for coffee
or for their jobs
it’s not the neighbors staring from their porches
who love the pit bull
or the woman’s husband
who’s running up the street
on his cell phone calling the cops
it’s not the children who are crying
watching as one animal destroys another
as their parents stand there too dumb with grief
to shield their innocent eyes
it’s not the person who will be charged
with cleaning up all of the blood
and it’s not, i, standing in my kitchen
watching my second dog mauling in ten years
who loves the precious widdle pit bull
but as sure as someone once loved
osama bin laden
someone out there
loves that dog.


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