Thursday, May 21, 2015

poem of the day 05.21.15

ich bin goebbels?

in 1933
the nazis burned
20,000 books here in bebelplatz

einstein and mann and marx
amongst many others

hitler’s swanky old lapdog, goebbels
gave one of his inspirational speeches beforehand

now there is a monument of shame
dedicated to the night

a borrowing library

cushioned seats that you can sit in
to soak up the little bits of german sun

you can think of history
lost and gained here in bebelplatz

how the world doesn’t need goebbels
when it has shit like ISIS and Fox News

israeli zionists
republican controlled congresses
and modern day parents

think about how the world
keeps spinning on its own rusty axis
without any sense of history

like right now

i’m thinking about all the shitty books
written by poets that are out there

the ones i’d take a match to and burn

if only people wouldn't get
the wrong idea about me.


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