Friday, May 15, 2015

poem of the day 05.15.15


it’s v.e. day around europe
leaders are laying wreaths for the long dead
in russia they are still finding gas masks
and pieces of soldiers at the bottom of swamps
there are soldiers and tanks
ready to parade down red square
on a bright saturday morning
in berlin we’re more subdued
almost too quiet for a friday night
there are no packs of tourists on the ebertstrasse
heading toward the holocaust monument
or the brandenburg gate
just protesters laying crosses along the tiergarten
and a ton of police idling next to parked vans
should a riot pop off
on the corner there are russians
chanting and waving the old hammer and sickle
as berliners walk home from work
ride their bikes along the pavement
heads down and paying yearly
for what almost a century has done
i try to imagine these celebrators
getting away with this in america
huge packs of vietnamese
waving flags on fifth avenue in new york city
every april thirtieth
or maybe a wall running through manhattan
for twenty-five years
separating lovers and families
because four big, bloated nations couldn’t get along
to the victors go the spoils, i guess
unless you’ve got the bomb and rambo films
then you’re always in the right
but time has a way of forgetting
and soon these celebrations will die down
generations will die off
and all of the old blood will cease to matter
the cranes that are all over this city
will remake berlin into its own future
and somewhere else
one lonely man with an idea
will start the killing all over again.


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