Monday, July 13, 2015

poem of the day 07.13.15

another poet in new york

it’s too hot to write poetry
in the summertime in new york
it’s too hot to do anything
but read rejection letters and listen
to the morning d.j. tell me
gee, it’s going to be another scorcher
before playing something pleasant
to mix with the bass from the asshole
parked outside my bedroom window
rejections letters that tell me
i’m not fit for publication or much else lately
one tries to butter me up calling me a poetic badass but…
i don’t feel like such a badass
being in your slush pile, dipshit
and just for the record
i think it’s an act of cowardice
to sign your letter, “the editors”
you might as well sign it “the assholes” too
i want to know who’s rejecting me, pal
there’s four of you on staff
i know because i’ve studied your fucking faces
one of you has to have a set balls
enough self-confidence to pound out your name
and say, this is what i believe
i mean let’s stand toe to toe at least once
but it’s too hot in new york
to fight with poetry editors anyway
fighting with poetry editors
is like slapping an old women around
to be honest i never read
the magazines until they reject me
and then i just feel justified
thankful not to be a part of their clique
really, this morning i have
more of a bone to pick with this d.j.
laughing over the weather
as i sit here in sweat and misery
another poet in new york
with nothing in the world to write about
except his every injustice
probably not even the only poet on this block
which is just a cold comfort
on such a hot and lousy day.

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