Tuesday, July 14, 2015

poem of the day 07.14.15

lady liberty

she comes in
about once a week

a stars and stripes sunhat
on her pointed head

she asks the asian kids
if they’ve learned the difference
between their Ls and Rs yet

even though most of them
are more american
than clich├ęd slices of apple pie

she says, imagine having to give up
a whole section of book stores to spanish books

if they’d only learn the language, she sighs

she once sang the star-spangled banner
over a russian man who wanted a newspaper

asked him how
his good buddy, putin, was doing

she likes to fan herself with an american flag

and when she farts in line for the bathroom
it smells like freedom

in the shitter she belts out
america the beautiful

as she drops atomic bomb turds
into the toilet

before waddling her patriotic ass
back out into the sun

toilet paper caught in her pants

without even having the decency
to flush away her sovereignty.

and....one for bastille day 

bastille day

then he said

in all seriousness
how do you impress a french girl?

to which i said

a lot of  wine
some edith piaf
some serge gainsbourg

a little proust on the couch

and if that doesn’t work
show her your cock
while whistling yankee doodle dandy

reach for the butter
and tell her to bend over
mon cheri

because it’s bastille day

all day

just for her.


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