Thursday, November 5, 2015

poem of the day 11.05.15

king of the pumpkin ales

cherry red
cinder block car
hybrid emblems in plated silver
leaning over
his passenger seat
slumped blonde
emaciated girlfriend
pressed into her various scarves
and he’s yelling at me?
some idle threat
for what?
because he can’t drive
almost hit me smack in the middle
of a five mile run
quilted snowcap
precious beard
pointing protein-starved finger
iron and wine
bon iver
two mountain bikes
strapped to the back
the reason i have a soccer bar
burger bistro
tapas joint
vegan chinese restaurant
in my neighborhood
the reason i have to navigate
five bars just to find a three dollar pint
the duke of gentrification
the king of pumpkin ales
raising rents everywhere he goes
acting like a bad ass
on the morning streets
honking his little horn at me
as the kids hop on school buses
i hope
he took my middle finger
as a gesture of kindness
before he sped off
through the red light
his purple gas fumes
no better
than mine.

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