Tuesday, November 24, 2015

poem of the day 11.24.15

some panic

there are mornings
where i wake up wondering
less about my own day
than maybe the end of someone’s life
there’s some panic in my heart
but little fear
the noise of a city will wake you up into reality
the way some civilizations are just meant to rise and fall
like lumbering giants or explosions in the sky
each one of us a cog
a galaxy stretching itself to the end
disengaged and ignorant by their ease
tethered more to little failures than the big picture
but still playing their game
one pitted against the other
make the other man fall
it’s very hard to look around
and in the brief moments that i do
it might just be better to shield my eyes
avoid the ideologue chewing up oxygen
at the end of the bar
the abject racist who lives up the street
on the news the bloodshed can be tremendous
it can look like a film set if you let it
really, you don’t have to face anything at all these days
no matter what’s coming in the end
this life can be for getting lost
amidst the shattered bones and charred flash
the endless war and animosity
live online and prosper
or it could be best that there are people out there
trying with violence and rhetoric to suck up all the gray
forcing us to pick a side
but which one when they both seem so the same?
there’s some panic in every decision
in moments like this
i’m anxious for the very next line
but it will get written
as this history of alienation gets written
murder upon murder
tragedy heaped upon tragedy
genocide around every corner
a whole love-starved world of us

waiting only to drown.                          

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