Thursday, November 19, 2015

poem of the day 11.19.15

i am the great unknown

built this beautiful
marble countertop
for this dickhead in a big home
in the buffalo suburbs
it took two of us to carry the thing
me and len
not the dickhead in the big home
who walked next to us sideways
his arms outspread
like we were carrying his first born
a man without the decency to tell us
that there was a step up
from the driveway to the garage
and when i tripped
landed so hard on my knee
that i heard it pop
but still held on to that motherfucking
marble countertop
that len made
for this dickhead in a huge home
who said
jesus christ, who are you guys hiring these days?
a man who wouldn’t even take
an end of the counter
so that i could grab my knee
and roll around on his garage floor
in immense pain
which is exactly what i did
after len casually set his end down
came over and took mine
i don’t know, jer
man, i just don’t know
while i writhed and writhed
and knew as good as i knew
that i was heading straight to the bar
with the want ads
not the emergency room
and that i most certinaly
wasn’t getting a tip
that miserable afternoon.                                                          

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