Monday, February 1, 2016

poem of the day 02.01.16

two little girls

sit across from each other
holding cell phones
taking pictures of each other

one screams, stop i look ugly

the other one says, you are ugly
with your chipped tooth and your slanted eyes

well, what about you
with your big nose and your bubble butt

at least i don’t have to walk around
holding my hand over my mouth
when i talk to boys



the cell phones go snap snap
as the two little girls put their hands
over their faces

grow a set of boobs, one says to the other

what? so i can be a tramp like you

yeah, like puberty is a bad thing


snap snap snap snap stop!

this is going on my snapchat, one says

well, this one is going on my instagram
and facebook and twitter and like all over the internet

you have a moustache, one little girl says
and sideburns…a moustache and sideburns how gross!

your teeth are yellow, the other little girl says
and you’ve got like junk in them
yellow chipped teeth

you’re fat
you’re fat too

you have one eyebrow
and i’m sending a picture of it to everyone

no boy will ever date you
you’ll have to pay them

like your mom did with your dad?

at least i won’t have
a moustache

at least i have boobs



i already said that, retard

snap snap snap snap



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