Friday, February 19, 2016

poem of the day 02.19.16

selfie nation

there are more
than a dozen pictures
on her phone
each one
bright red lipstick
kardashian face
sunken cheeks allure
a fine example
of what she’s done
with her afternoon
pretty boy next to me
on the d train
is doing his best to rival her
frosted greasy tips
chin up
brooding eyes
each snap a quitter
or a keeper
which one will make
oh, i got the millennial blues
i look around the train
there has to be
at least half a dozen others
of these vain swine
every race
every gender
doing the same thing
young dimwits
reasonably good looking
but so what?
all ready for their close-up
wouldn’t know the president
from a pop song
so don’t ask me again
what’s wrong
with america
these days.


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