Wednesday, February 3, 2016

poem of the day 02.03.16

a thawing

winter nights
in brooklyn
fail me like
no other nights
when they fail
to keep the people
off the streets
talking politics
into the melting slush
the dogs with
their endless moaning
barking death rattles
steaming shit piles
waiting for idiot feet
brooklyn new york
the big shut up
these thawing
ceaseless winter nights
of televisions and car horns
of boredom and futility
the hurt psalms of
a woman screaming
down this street
her romance dying
on her cell phone
for everyone to hear
and from an idled truck
the radio news
tells me that
lady liberty is on
her knees
but i need only
look outside
my window
past this din
to see her
faltering in the
harbor moonlight
to know
we’re all going down here
like fallen soldiers
in the mythic
persian sand.


Yours an editor's pick over at the awesome zine Digging Through the Fat.  be cool and head over to show them some love.

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