Tuesday, August 2, 2016

poem of the day 08.02.16

upon watching bruce conner’s
breakaway video for the third time

still i stand there and think
toni basil at age 23 in 1966
and where in the hell did she come from?
having only known her from the mickey video
when i was a kid being weaned on MTV
toni basil in black bra in black pants
cut suggestively in ovals of flesh all over her
she winks then preens for the camera
fingers on lips, wide-eyed with heavy mascara
a mop of raven hair nesting on her head
her mouth an “o” of suggestion
as if wondering how you’ve come across her
in this shadowy room
and when the dance comes on
it’s this cyclone of northern soul
toni basil at age 23 in 1966
the way she moves
now in nothing but a white slip
spinning and gyrating
pirouetting herself into nausea
the camera slowing for her to look smoldering
but vulnerable too and dizzy into its lens
the mark of suggestion gone
the raven hair a wet mop, the mascara running
before we are gone again
dancing into the thunder of music, drums and bass
the slip becoming panties and tits then suddenly naked
toni basil at age 23 in 1966
jumping in and out of the camera
her cunt a jungle of black hair untamed
i blush like a high school boy
this time machine from fifty years ago
get thee to a nunnery
get me to a room of one’s own
as the film begin in reverse
toni basil at age 23 in 1966
moving in backward motion
jumping back from jumping forward
redressing the scene until we are back and preening
and innocent together almost once again
toni basil at age 23 in 1966
she winks at the camera
but i fool myself that she’s breathing just for me.                      

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