Tuesday, August 16, 2016

poem of the day 08.16.16

the fans

there they are
disrupting the solace
of a pre-noon D train
bud light cans
wrapped in brown paper bags
like badasses
american flag wife beaters
and yankees jerseys
reflector shades and board shorts
their hats all on backwards
talking smack before the first pitch
their girlfriends
already bored and playing on cell phones
texting each other
over the cacophony of testosterone
in five hours
they’ll all be drunk
before the sun goes down
one will have vomited in a garbage can
outside of yankee stadium
green beer and processed meat
the girls will have run to the bathrooms
at least six times
tear streaked and accused
of sleeping with some guy behind
one of the bros’ back
they will have fought
or tried to have fought
a pack of dude who look just like them
but only in the other teams colors
no one will remember
what happened in the game
they’ll read the box score online tomorrow
before their 1 p.m. brunch
bacon and eggs
fruit cups for the girls
but mimosas all around
then plan on doing the same thing
next saturday afternoon
if the weather is nice
and the yankees
are still in town.


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