Wednesday, August 3, 2016

poem of the day 08.03.16

that guy

i want to be that guy
just like you are
the one who bursts into the room
breaking the cultural malaise
shouting into the cavernous zeitgeist
look, people, we’ve got real problems here
but i lost a writing morning to a bad hangover
or i was still drunk, you can’t tell sometimes
the presidential race has given me the blues, man
that reality tv star with the big ass
got a new haircut and i can’t stop reading about it
or looking at her naked on the internet
the sports team that i used to like
just dropped three to the fourth place team
all the food that i eat is bland
all the music that i hear is dull
and last week the weather topped out at 90 degrees every day
there’s nowhere good to travel
the bars have failed me for the last time
the job has got me by the balls again
and some nights i lay there in bed
and wonder what could go wrong next
like more sickness or even death
the cat keeps shitting on the floor
signing her own death warrant with each stringy pile
and the maid must be on strike
because the vodka glasses were left sitting
on the coffee table again, stuck in the dark circle of a wine stain
i can no longer remember my dreams
i no longer have dreams
just a series of hours, days, weeks, and years
and the gray hair keeps coming by the bushel
yeah i’d like to be that guy
just like you, buddy
the complete and total altruistic consciousness
the one who runs into the room
cutting people off in the middle of some complaint
to shout look, we’ve got real problems here
then start going in about climate change and war
the economy and international terrorism
as if we did not know
as if we didn’t know
but both of my knees hurt all of the time
and i got this rash on my chest that won’t cease
i’m out of creamer for my coffee
and the milk has expired
plus i never liked a guy like that anyway.                                    

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