Thursday, March 28, 2019


Hansel and Gretel 2019

These maggots will learn
new tricks
because they were created inside
a tube filled up
with sugar and spice
or at least that's what they were told.
Everything nice like Pinky and Blueboy,
sitting by the piano,
wondering how to play
the keys when they don't have fingers.

Vienna Finger Cookies might be
turned into witch fingers
loaded with dough. Vienna sausages
might get turned on,
bloat and then join small children
across the cross-walk.
A needle pulling thread through the back

of children's heads is hoping
to replace brain waves

with tiny new fingers for the maggots.

Will the cookie or the sausage win
the piano solo prize?

Both. It's a duet.
The prize results in being able to choose
as many new fingers as you would like
from all the caged up children.

--Juliet Cook and j/j hastain

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