Thursday, March 21, 2019


To Canadians Curious About one U.S. Citizen's View of the 45th POTUS

A worthless billionaire, he's a flabby
predator, our huge mistake,
a one-man farce, illiterate and ignorant,
a dirty dealer who lies about his taxes.
He's an ugly, poison-spewing monster.

He's a pugilistic bully, a spoiled brat,
an asp in the grass, a crumbling landmine.
He's a mother and brother fucker, a sister
schtupper, the world's champion fable-teller.

He's our worst American joke, our chief
infuriator, a bellicose, self-obsessed
stinker, a disgusting putz, an alpha asshole,
democracy's bĂȘte noire, Satan's minion,
a damned, lying "wolf-crier."

He's a heartless turd, a bizarre, bigoted
misogynist, a nutty tantrum thrower,
a cry-baby, a pouting finger-pointer,
a fool, a delusional schmuck,
a putrid panderer. He lusts for a fight.

He's a cold blooded, raging reptile, a tool
to his army of toadies. Our masturbator-in-chief.
is a militant imperialist with his fat fist
on the nuclear button.  He's a carnie, a clown,
a skunk, a deranged dingo, a trice daily liar.

He's a hateful embarrassment, an unfit
puffed-up idiot, a troll, a brainless brawler,
a heavy-handed black mailer, a hollow-
skulled dropout, a pile of shit. As Enemy #1
of free speech, he spits at the press.

He's a dictator, a plutocrat, a butt-faced blamer,
a plum-crazy crime boss who can't retain a retinue.
He's a louse, a slur mongering megalomaniac.
"Lying-Donald" is our first Maggot-in-Chief.

--Susan Beem

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