Sunday, August 11, 2019


miss morality police approximately

she makes herself a good neighbor
by loitering and shouting out into the void
like it’s always noon

votes republican

stands for the flag
kneels for the cross

says kids these days have no morality

what with the…
and the…
and their…

then spouting off a list of juvenile inanities
that plague each successive generation
as it grows older and out of the zeitgeist’s glance

it gets pretty boring down here in summer

trying to live a life between
heat waves, street festivals and parades

she has to do something to entertain herself

today she’s the morality police

tomorrow it’ll be smiling abject racist
in line in the over-priced grocery store

telling her buddy waiting behind her
how she’s able to discern the good ones from the bad

just like the little arab girl
ringing up her groceries

who never flinches when she speaks

oh no
not even once.

--John Grochalski

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