Friday, September 6, 2019


Just Pussycats
                After Russell Edson

After the unpresidential candidate for president made the I-like-to-grab-them-by-the-pussy comment his PR people scheduled a press conference. He stood at the podium looking smug. Pointed to the perfectly coifed hairball on top of his head.
Cat posters hung on the wall behind him. Music by the Pussycat Dolls played in the background. Actors from the latest production of Cats prowled the stage. Hissed at the press corps. Even the cat lady was there with her hoard.
I was just talking about pussycats. I like to grab pussycats, the unpresidential candidate for president said as the cat lady handed him a Siamese. He held the cat by the scruff and posed for pictures.
I think this one is in heat, he quipped as he handed it back.
The men on his PR team nervously shifted in their seats. Cleared their throats. The women hastily slipped on chastity belts and swallowed the keys . . .

--Corey Cook

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