Thursday, June 18, 2020



“Corruption is a cancer that steals from the poor, eats away at governance and moral fibre and destroys trust.” Robert Zoellick

America has been usurped
By an imbecilic hustler, a con man
Given to wishful thinking
And infantile behavior.

Donny Tiny Hands and his band
Of bad actors
Are callously killing citizens
To remain in power,
Putting profit over people.

Members of both parties,
Ignoring doctors
And scientists,
Preferring conspiracy theories
And spouting nonsense
About the Constitution
And an American history
They do not comprehend,
Quote scripture from a bible
They have not read.

What was akin to democracy
Is now a plutocracy, an oligarchy,
An empire of illusion.
Corruption and incompetence reign
On both sides of the aisle.
The power elite’s mantra:
Divide and rule.
Their objective: Disseminate disinformation
Amongst the masses.
Create chaos.

America promotes commercial
propaganda as entertainment,
Looking more like
A Third World clusterfuck nation,
A land of magical thinking,
Entrapped in a tragedy of comic proportions,
With too many overfed, indulgent, selfish,
Ignorant, myopic, and hypocritical politicians
Telling people what they should think and do.
A visit to the slums and shantytowns of Soweto or Jakarta
Or Manilla or Baltimore or Calcutta or Dhaka or Cairo
Or Aden Or Karachi or Kabul or Nairobi or Addis Ababa
Or Abuja or Rio or Mogadishu or Mexico City
“Might” shake up the left, the right, the moderates
And the progressives, but not the global top 1%
With their jackboot on the neck of the enslaved.

Imagine the fear and anxiety and suffering
The poor are experiencing.
To a daily struggle to feed themselves,
Now is added the specter of contracting COVID-19.

The more affluent of the world’s population
Grouses and grumbles about being locked down,
All the while not lacking running water and electricity
And food and access to medical care.

The orange clown pResident,
A modern-day Nero,
Fiddles while the empire burns and,
Not surprisingly, his MAGA red-capped base
Of low-information voters
Fiddles faithfully along with him.

--Victor Henry

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