Tuesday, June 16, 2020


Last Things

"My mother said that stones were last things and would be around long after people were gone.  Other last things were oceans, metal and crows."
~ Jenny Offill's novel, Last Things   

George Floyd, murdered by a cop
pressing a knee on his neck,
becomes a rallying cry
for democracy’s last stand.
Final words: “I can’t breathe…”

Communities take to the streets and march,
condemn police brutality,
demand change, social justice,
tell the world, “Black Lives Matter”.

Peaceful protestors, journalists are beaten,
tear-gassed, shot with rubber bullets,
cleared from sacred spaces for a propaganda photo op
as fascism flexes jack boots and knuckles.

Tanks, private security contractors
circle the White House, erect a wall
to keep people out while inside a coward
tweets inflammatory insults,
turns off the lights, hides in his bunker.

Throughout the nation,
fires ignite, windows break.
Four hundred years of rage bubbles over.

--Jennifer Lagier

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