Sunday, June 7, 2020


if the kids knew the truth

imagine if the kids
knew the truth about
the civil war

imagine if the slaves
once freed, were given
the land of the ones
that lost the war

imagine if hatred
wasn't so damn
easy to teach

imagine if everyone
knew of the role of
people of color in
science and medicine

imagine if the textbooks
actually talked about
tulsa and black wall

imagine if we dared
to just fucking let
the truth out of its
cage and be free
to run

imagine if white women
didn't immediately think
of a lie when a black man
was around

imagine if white men
respected black women
enough to not think
immediately about what
rap video they saw you in

imagine if the kids actually
grew up in a world where
the innocent only die of
natural causes

--J.J. Campbell

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