Wednesday, September 30, 2020


Lime Life

I’m drinking Miller High Life cans with a very small wedge
of lime stuck to them at the mouth. Sometimes the little hunk
of lime falls in. I don’t know why exactly I’m putting the little
piece of fruit on my beer like that—I was never a “fruity beer”
kinda guy. I guess because it’s gotten hot, it feels like summer.
The High Life cans are cheap down at the Wilkinsburg BevCo
and I usually only like High Life ice-cold—as in, in a bucket or
cooler of ice for hours. But I found a half-dead lime in the fridge
and I decided that if I chopped off the bad part that I could save
the rest and put little slices of it in my cheap High Life cans and
pretend I was maybe drinking a Modelo or Tecate or Dos Equis,
something imported, therefore fancy. I think it’s working for me.

--Scott Silsbe

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