Monday, September 14, 2020


October Unsurprise

Grifter-in-chief and his crime family,
enabled by power-poisoned Moscow Mitch,
Leningrad Lindsey and assorted low-level stooges,
stage a banana republic coup.
Americans are stunned into stupid
acquiescence by Fox News propaganda.

Daily revelations pull back the curtain,
expose long-term knowledge of lethal Covid potential,
a decision to sacrifice hundreds of thousands,
ensure re-election, keep the economy
from free-fall implosion.

Now we’re promised an October surprise:
untested vaccines, unsanctioned treatments
with sketchy remedies promoted
by campaign contributors
who also own big pharma stock.

We have learned nothing from cartoons
featuring Lucy repeatedly urging
a guileless Linus to run toward a football
she’ll sadistically snatch from reach
just before his shoe kisses rubber.

--Jennifer Lagier

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