Friday, September 25, 2020



Ring the bells slowly.
Drop the flag half-mast.
A great patriot has died.
A great jurist has left us.

The diminutive pillar of strength
Who stood between America
And those who would destroy it
Has died and our enemies rejoice.

Now, those who wished her dead
Celebrate her passing between them.
Hypocrisy issues from their mouths 
In sanctimonious public soundbites.

And that hypocrisy is their currency.
With it they will try to purchase what
Remains of the soul of America, of its
People, of its compassion, of its future.

Let us never forget that she worked to
Her last breath doing everything she
Could to stop this unrelenting, insatiable
Progression toward national suicide.

Now that she has gone, we must stay
The course and slowly advance through
The dense muck of prevarication laid
Out to ensnare the desperate population.

We must keep faith that Americans
Will see through the newspeak doubletalk,
The greed and narcissism, and pull our
Country back from the brink of fascism.

Pull it back and plant it firmly on the road
To “liberty and justice for all.” So take your
Well-deserved rest, brave Justice Ginsburg,
Your inspiration and example will survive you.

--M.J. Arcangelini


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