Saturday, November 21, 2020


Bye. Bye Badman

I can hardly believe
that Trump has gone.
It seems too good to
be true, like I'll wake
up to find it was all
a dream.
I have no idea what
Biden will be like, but
even as a symbolic
gesture it feels good
to get D.T. out of the
White House.
I believe what Dylan
said " Don't follow leaders. "
But if that is the best
we could get to be
the leader of the most
powerful nation on
Earth, then we really
are looking sick.
We can't rejoice yet,
no one can even get
together for a party.
But it feels like a
line has been
crossed, I hope that
it has.
That we can think of
love, instead of hate.
Sharing rather than
shunning. Unity, not
You may say I'm a
dreamer, but I'm not
the only one.

--Ian Copestick

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