Monday, November 9, 2020


for max vanka 

in 33 with pittsburgh
in depression
smoky skies choke
eight days of clean collars
a paint brush manifesto
spilled across church walls
in a world where the rich
had always been rich
the poor were forgotten
and god was undecided

in 41 with pittsburgh
ramping up for mobilization
smoky skies choke
your mother country occupied
another eleven days
another manifesto
to a world where the rich got richer
and the poor saved their blood
for a future that god
was undecided about

in 63 with pittsburgh
ready to sink into clean skies
and the promise of renaissance
this manifesto empty in prosperity
the rich got richer
the poor struggled endlessly
god as an entity was undecided
you, you had had enough
this world, cruel as you’d seen
you walked into the sea

--Jason Baldinger

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