Thursday, November 19, 2020


as disappeared 

the numbers explode
60, 70, 80 thousand plus
daily, imagine this
they aren't sick
imagine they disappear

now think of supply lines
infrastructure, flow
of information, product
think of the disappeared
think how a supply line holds
as people disappear
this is not a half full
half empty scenario

trusting systems that refer
to people as flock, as herd
forgets the individual
supposedly the one thing
this twisted experiment
was founded on

the individual is mostly myth
humans turned to groups early
in the evolutionary cycle
to adapt, to, as a species, survive

this is survival with no guide
all malfunctions bare
what if the herd is another manipulation
another chance for power
to fill a vacuum, even if it can't hold
the damage is done, the damage
is far deeper than imagined

no one with power will save you
no one with power can save you
now think again of the sick
think of them again
as disappeared

--Jason Baldinger

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