Saturday, March 6, 2010

poem of the day 03.06.10

it was either a martini or a glass of scotch

these young kids
with their gadgets
with their digital playthings
with the whole world at their beck and call

they don’t know anything
they don’t know shit

how ghandi took lead for all of india
and kennedy took lead for pussy and the mob

how lennon took lead for his generation
and cobain ate some lead
because he listened to too much neil young
while wrestling with oscar wilde

these young bastards

they don’t know how de sade suffered
in a cold oubliette
writing elegant smut with his own shit
or how sexton fucked a gas tank

young kids
with their gadgets

with the top-40 at their fingertips
and bad television shows on a zip file

they’ll live eternal

eternally dumb

one-thousand photos online

while dust collects on the top of the bastille
and no one on this block remembers
what f. scott fitzgerald was drinking
the night he and zelda took a dip
in that pretty fountain
here in new york city


Mylum said...

I like your poems, John.

I'm going to hedge a bet and say it was the scotch. Straight.

John Grochalski said...


thank you. i'm wondering if it
might've been cognac

Anthans said...

You have the gift for telling a funny story and making a point, John. Have you ever tried stand-up?