Monday, March 22, 2010

poem of the day 03.22.10

star treatment

and in the papers
there is a story
about another
celebrity sex scandal
it seems like we get
two or three of these a year
in between
the rape, murder,
business, and baseball box scores
it is always the same thing
some picture of the famous
with their spouse or partner
and in a box in the corner
of the front page
the whore, the stripper, or
the co-star
that they fucked around with
these stories are boring to read
they are redundant
and come without surprise
they add nothing to the current zeitgeist
except more trivial shit
but they serve some purpose
they make the rest of us feel good
if only for a moment
sex scandals and the like
puts the celebrity in question
down on our level
even though this isn’t true
for when people get tired of fucking us
and they move on to someone else
we are often alone for months or years
we drown ourselves
in booze or tears or god
or television or food
we get fat and ugly
and while we may think the celebrity
goes through this as well
they are most likely healing their wounds
on a white sand beach
with lobster and sweet drinks
swirling in crystal glasses
they have the pity and empathy
of millions
at their fingertips
the world is poised for their big comeback
these celebrities
they nurse their sorrow
in seaside villas
with muscle bound trainers
keeping them honest in the gut
with tons of available ass around
willing to do whatever it takes
to help them forget their loss
to help them get over the hardship
of never truly getting fucked
the way that you and i do my friends
when losing love and comfort
when we find ourselves
suddenly spending away our money and souls
just to heal
just to crawl back up
and begin carving ourselves out
another mediocre existence

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Bukowski's Basement said...

<< these stories are boring to read
they are redundant >>

Ugh... try writing them. What we do to keep our roofs...