Thursday, March 11, 2010

poem of the day 03.11.10

teenage poem

i think i should break
up with sean
i mean he’s been a real dick all week
and chris said that i needed
to make a choice
and i don’t know
what to do, you know
like alcohol makes
you do some stupid things
and i didn’t like want
to do what i did with chris
but that party
shit, i just think maybe
sean’s being a dick
because his grades are for shit
and chris like unloaded
on me yesterday
and told me that he never
wanted to get married
or have kids
i know
like what the fuck?
but it probably doesn’t
even matter anyway
chris isn’t catholic
so there’s like no way
i’ll ever get him to church
and i can’t bring a guy
home that won’t go to church
my mom would flip
but i think sean was
just being a dick
and at least he goes to
church on sundays
i know
alcohol makes you
do some dumb things
well anyway
this is my stop
so i’m going to get off the phone
text me in like five minutes

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