Friday, March 19, 2010

poem of the day 03.19.10

little napoleons

little napoleons
are also short of thought
they forget where they came from
where they were just months ago
little napoleons
like to pass down policy and edicts
to stir the masses in whose company
they used to mingle in
you can find them at any job
or in bars during happy hour
huddled at their new, exclusive tables
they won’t spare your feelings
those little napoleons
they’re so precious
they’re the future and they know it
it would be easier for them
to step on your heart
rather than give you a hand
ask them about waterloo
and they will say
what and huh?
they won’t understand
those little napoleons
because failure doesn’t compute
look into their eyes
and you’ll see bloody ambition
the right kind of style
they’ve got the look
little napoleons
the hunger
they’ve been groomed
to get messy in this type of sty
they love to play in the mud
little napoleons
you can pick them out of any crowd
they are the ones crushing
the shoulders of giants
wiping their medals with their own spit
they are the ones with long
corsican noses
the nostrils big enough
so that they can smell
the musky aroma
of their own runny shit.


Meitha Soekotjo said...

little napoleon becomes bigger..and the big napoleon becomes what..?

John Grochalski said...

emperor of france?

I LOVE YOU said...


tiger said...


tiger said...