Saturday, March 20, 2010

poem of the day 03.20.10

charles bukowski has a website

i am sitting on the shitter
reading a selected book of bukowski’s poems

i have read this book before

it’s better than listening to the weatherman
call for another ten inches of snow

i take a look at the back cover

it says to read all of bukowski’s books

(i have)

it says that i can visit charles bukowski at

which makes me wonder what hank would
think about the internet
all the online journals he could get published in
like the ones i do
with all of the other bukowski retreads

(of course, i’m including myself here)

the pervasiveness of the exposed life
in the 21st century

bukowski has a facebook page, too

i’m his friend

but i’m not surprised by this
anyone can make a facebook page for someone

i have a page made for hitler
only i haven’t told anyone
if someone becomes a friend of
then they are becoming a friend of

funny thing is, i don’t care for hitler
and i’ve never even read mien kamph

i imagine it’s the same for bukowski
someone just made his page up

but the website is from the corporation
that now publishes his books

that makes it official


who gave the approval on this?

surely not someone who knew hank

i didn’t know hank
i assumed he kept the blinds drawn
i just imagined that he drank less than he said
loved more than he let on
and mostly let people think about him what they wanted

am i talking about hank or me here?

i keep the blinds drawn
i don’t have a website but i have a blog

you can come visit me there if you wish

i don’t mind

but this charles bukowski website kills me
it makes me laugh

i’d check it out
if the telephone line didn’t go dead yesterday
and i had internet connection

i went to verizon’s website

but they told me
that it would probably take
a week to get me back up and running

so i can’t check bukowski’s site

i can’t update my blog

all i can do is sit here reading this book
finish my shit
and wonder if maybe
richard brautigan has a website too