Tuesday, May 19, 2009

poem of the day 05.19.09


my wife and i had finished the wine
and were just starting to get into
the beer and whiskey
when there was a scream outside
high and shrill
right outside our window
and it came again and again
christ, i said, i’m going to fucking die
if i have to keep hearing that
who is it?
my wife raised the blinds and we looked out
there were four teenagers
two ugly little whores in pastel hoodies
and pants that showed their ass cracks
and their two pig ugly boyfriends
they were standing right outside our window
then the one little bitch screamed again
so i punched the window
it rattled but did not break
what was that?
i heard the little bitch shout
what the fuck?
if they do it again i’m putting my shoe
through their screen
this caused my wife to open the window
hey, hey you, my wife shouted
what? the one, loud ugly little bitch answered
don’t you know it’s not
polite to scream outside of people’s windows?
so then the little whore starts whining
something about her boyfriend throwing
her wallet on the fire escape of our building
and this whining
it gave me another reason to not have kids
it made me sympathize with genocide
or people who go mad and kill their whole families
i couldn’t work forty-hours a week
and come home to the whining of this child
clothe her, feed her, keep a shelter over her head
then the boyfriend starts in denying the whole thing
i didn’t care
i couldn’t stand his face and i just wanted
to drink in peace and quiet
so i got in the window and told them both to shut up
the two friends that were with them looked at me
but were wise to stay quiet
the little whore told us she could shout
wherever she wanted to
i said is that so?
and then she told my wife to get fucked
by the time i made it outside
the boyfriend was already coming at me
i’m sorry i’m sorry i’m sorry
he was saying
he had the fear of god in him
and it made me smile because i hadn’t put
that kind of fear inside of someone in a long time
i looked at his little girlfriend
that little privileged whore, smirking,
still shouting and yelling and pointing up where
he’d thrown her wallet
there it was pink and plastic
hello kitty
see, that’s all we need and we’ll get out of here
the boyfriend said
why would you do something as dumb as that
i asked
even though i knew the answer
humanity in america
but the boyfriend shrugged
and in the end my wife let him in the building to
get our superintendent
so that he could get the wallet down with a broom
and my wife and i watched this through our closed blind
and the kids held true to their promise
and left as soon as they got the wallet
and my wife and i had more beer and whiskey
and eventually we passed out on the couch
while watching the empire strikes back
and we woke up just as sunday was turning into monday
and another week came barreling through
to run us one day closer to the grave.

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