Tuesday, May 12, 2009

poemS of the day 05.12.09

these two go together...kinda.


another subway drunk
another stalled subway car
in the city of dreams
and no one is getting home
on time anyway
so i think of passing her
crossing eastern parkway moment ago
and how frail she looked
her head bald and shining off the sun
dressed in the same stained pink sweater
and green pants
she always wears in the library
while she’s jockeying
for extra minutes on her computer
and my god how long has
she been sick?
why haven’t i noticed or been nice?
i guess i thought her floppy hats
and various hairstyles
were nothing by bad fashion statements
and ghetto lunacy
for christsake she has a kid too
a girl
maybe ten or eleven
always needing to make change in order
to copy documents for her mother
and when the light turned green
can i tell you
i thought about looking up and smiling
saying something
but i averted my eyes, mama
i looked down
and watched the tar and glass and piss and shit
and whatever else was there on the concrete
pass me by instead
knowing those things, those words, and me
that we could never make
this right
no matter how wide my lips
would’ve gotten
out there on the brutal street
so why even try, right?


like that
is for
and spineless
scrapes of shit
too scared
to speak up
and ever say
what they


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