Friday, May 29, 2009

poem of the day 05.29.09

last day of haitus. back on monday with new poems

i can see death

i can see death
sitting here
wondering when
i’ll break down
and take that drink.

i can see death
on the faces
of everyone
i pass in this city.
a cup of coffee
a new coat
can’t hide it.

i can see death
as i read the want ads,
unemployed again,
over my shoulder
looking to see which
untimely end
i’ll choose.

i can see death
written in the congresses
of the world
and in war.
i can see it in happiness
and in anger.
in some rich cocksuckers
new car,
and lurking in some
some poor bums
shopping cart.

oh yes, baby
i can see death
dancing like a swan,
hanging on the corner
like a whore angel.
bidding its time


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