Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Poem of the Day 05.26.09

burnt out...completely. so until further notice (or next week arrives) i will be posting poems out of the good old archives.


will wear you down
like a dog
spit on you
ask you stupid questions
time and time again
fuck you over
mug you
rape you
burn your house down
and steal you car
cut you in line
call you peckerwood
at a liquor store
put shit in your food
murder you
take your seat
move in next door
ruin your day with
a hello
take your girlfriend
vomit outside your apartment
let their kids run around
like lunatics
on a plane
talk in movies on cellular phones
make you work overtime
take interesting pills
and not give you any
be unable to hold their booze
fart in aisles
call you
drop in unannounced
send you goddamned letters
in the mail
or see you on the street
beaten down
and they’ll want to know why
you look
the way you do.


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