Wednesday, September 1, 2010

poem of the day 09.01.10

burning, burning, yet never lit

the day
a disgusting discord
of darkness and light

a cacophony of sound
the dull talking ceaseless nonsense
because they cannot find
anything else to do

the heroes vanquished
lunatics running the asylum

tainted breakfast sandwiches
rotting in hidden fat crevices

the naked and the famous
taking up thousands
of gigabytes of memory

the world
a cesspool
of death, humiliation,
traffic, and endless war

like a wet cigarette
like a scentless candle at its end

its tepid intellect

burning, burning, yet never lit


Anonymous said...

Say hello to your neighbor..
dark yest so on point..

John Grochalski said...

Lynne...arguments about money and the need for a new computer at 5 a.m. brings out the poet in me.