Wednesday, September 22, 2010

poem of the day 09.22.10

Working on a lot of fiction, so the poems are in short
supply. So here's a poem from almost one year ago....funny
how things don't change in a year.

taking out the trash

in the elevator
with one woman
and two men
on cell phones
the small box
smells like a french
one bag of cat shit
in my hand
the other bag
full of rotten vegetables
and rancid meat
½ a bottle of scotch in me
an old t-shirt
with blood and sweat and wine
stained on it
shorts ripped all over
and falling down
feet naked and dirty
from my hardwood floor
a week-old beard
and they look at me
like i’m the madman
crowding their space.
they’ve never suffered.
they’ve never lived
a day in their lives
as well.



Pat Tillett said...

I love this...
who in the hell are they to judge anyway?

Anonymous said...

Crazy.. i was just about to write a poem along these lines.. damn..well i don't drink scotch, have a beard or a cat, so i think I'll be safe..

i was there and that is what makes a poem me...

John Grochalski said...

Pat....trendy neighbors, that's who they are. i hate their hipster faces.

Lynne....please write the poem!