Saturday, September 11, 2010

poem of the day 09.11.10


my buddy
tom mcdannen
warned me about you
said you had problems
liked men too much
which is how
you ended up with
a kid before the age of twenty
but i didn’t think
it was men that you liked
so much as…

we ended up in his car
rolling around
lips on lips
breath all over breath
hands all over clothing
not even each other’s
blind date
as tom and his girlfriend
sat in the front seat
like puritans
passing judgment
through his rearview

i never thought we’d
end up together anyway
or even fucking
not with you having
a kid so young
not with my aversion
to all things matronly
we were just having
a little bit of fun
rolling around
on all of that leather
your vodka regret
on my beer tattered conscience

i’d seen you kiss two other guys
in the bar that night
right there on the dance floor
as i played pool

two virtual strangers
with the kind
of common, dumb faces
that make men like me
hate their world

i sort of wrote you off after seeing that

but the way you attacked me
in the car
like you were starving
or putting out some kind of eternal fire

i just couldn’t say no to you.


Unknown said...

feral in its sensuality...

Pat Tillett said...

Great poem...
I'm happy/sorry to say I've found myself in that situation also. comes from spending too much time in bars. Speaking for myself of course.

Lot's of good stuff in this one, but the two that knocked my socks off were:

"your vodka regret on my beer tattered conscience"
"like you were starving or putting out some kind of eternal fire"

John Grochalski said...

Pat...i never had a woman come on to me like that before.