Tuesday, February 8, 2011

poem of the day 02.08.11

there u go

there u go
sitting on that couch again
dreaming death
hating the neighbors
outside laughing at life
getting numb on cheap red
killing saturday

there u go
worrying about money
and the rash on your chest
killing the good will
slipping more inside yourself
the sad, fat, misunderstood kid

there u go
complaining on crooked cushions
giving away all the words
instead of putting them down
on paper
wasting everyone’s oxygen
with nonsense and naval gazing

there u go
so easy to sit there pontificating
so easy to lament the present
to muse clumsily
over the past
murdering bluebirds and dandelions
with your stupid smirk

there u go
so self-assured
but you don’t know anyone
you don’t have a soul to call
to come save you
and you’ve used up
all of the sympathy in this room

there u go
but don’t let it bother you
just pour another glass, shrug,
and chalk it up to you being you
so kind and considerate
within the glare of the
broken mirror

there u go
don’t change
the day, keeping killing it
kill all of the free ones
until you wake up on monday morning
hollow and hungover
a dumb slave for another week

there u go
swing your wine glass
like a great scholar
you stupid fuck
swing your wine glass and howl gas
swing your soul, you prick
until it’s buried in the rocks

there u go
then wake up and wise up
see the weak sun trying
to break through the gray sky
trace the shadow your casting
on the burnt wall
and for christ’s sake, shut your drunken mouth

and then
there u go
listening to the silence
until you and it become of one

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