Wednesday, February 23, 2011

poem of the day 02.23.11

the wise and the just

sit in this bar
on president’s day
watching the television

there are riots in libya
riots in bahrain
protests in wisconsin

the world seems almost interesting for once

the wise and the just
watch the news
letting their pints sit

the tools of their plumbing trade
rest prostrate on the bar

they are silent for awhile
as the flames engulf tripoli
and bodies lay scattered in the street

as decent crashes down on madison
soiling the great general’s birthday

then one of the
wise and the just
turns to the other
lifts his pint and shakes his head

he takes a drink
puts his pint back down and says

fucking crybabies

all of them

no shit, the other one says

then the wise and the just
turn back to the television
hoping for a hockey score
or tonight’s lottery numbers.

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